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Judith Taylor judi at frognet.net
Tue May 22 11:45:14 CDT 2001

Well, one thing you might look at is using Verity to create indexes of the 
data....I know it's fairly straightforward for use with ColdFusion....

With Verity, you can have it index pages, various text formats, as well as 
specified database information. It will also lessen the overhead impact on 
the database - fewer calls and allows for Boolean searches...and other 
complex searches.

Something to consider at least. :o)


Simon Coggins put into words:

> > Anyway, can I search for a string, or based on two criteria, where both
> > match?  For example, searching for Perl Tutorials, returns all of Perl and
> > all of Tutorials, where in fact, what I really wanted was just "Perl
> > Tutorials".  I tried it with the quotes and that returned no matches, and
> > changed the search box to a "/".  Perl + Tutorials didn't return my 
> intended
> > results either.
>The search facility is currently very basic. It just finds all cases that
>contain any of the words typed. This is because it's run as an SQL query
>to match the fields in the database. The SQL syntax is:

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