[thesite] rudy, i dropped a couple tables

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed May 23 12:37:39 CDT 2001

did you all see the fabulous post by isaac on "CF (SQL?): query.columnlist"
on thelist?

he's describing a custom data dictionary

fabulous concept

you know how jeff and mccreath (matt too?) went through our code and
cleaned out the stuff that was no longer needed?

they were, in so doing, using a custom program library (another type of
data dictionary) except theirs was in their heads

unfortunately that's where the status of all our tables is, in the heads of
the few of us who have worked with the evolt tables -- not that this is a
serious situation, because there are far fewer tables than program

so it certainly does help if you do prunings such as these where you know
you can drop an unused test table or two...

thanks dan

(you shoulda seen my face when i first saw the subject line!)

> it was just taking forever to dump our DB with those extra
> 100000 rows in there.. i just wanted to throw ya a heads up
>  in case you had them in a DDL somewhere..

thanks, but experience has taught me never to keep any old scripts for
application data (working scripts are another matter)

whenever i do any database work i always grab the latest table and column
definitions using

  select table_name from user_tables;

followed by

  describe eachtablename

foreign keys and stuff are a lot harder to pull from oracle's system
tables, and i don't have any working scripts for those kinds of things yet

if anybody has any useful ones, please let us know


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