[thesite] Log in ....

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed May 23 14:35:00 CDT 2001

Hey folks,

Am working on something here ... which required me to create a new log in
... so, I logged out, and clicked join .. no probs .. everything works
smooth, upon registration, I'm sent to this thank you page,


And then .. cause I got sidetracked, about 10 seconds later, it redirects me
to this page, "Find Users" ..



How difficult would it be to change this .. (a) to redirect back to the page
I was at before I hit "Join", or (b) back to the home page or (c) don't
redirect me anywhere .. I'll figure out where I want to go from the thank
you page.

In all honesty directing to the Find Users search page seems very illogical.
Not at all what I had expected... keep in mind, I'm Joe the Tester <G>

(I think this belongs here ... or does it belong on [admin] ?)

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