[thesite] evolt accesskey

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed May 23 19:27:56 CDT 2001

you know how in internet explorer you can do Alt-V-C to view source? or
Alt-F-O to begin typing a url to open? or Alt-G-H to go home?

well, that last one don't work if you're on an evolt page

Alt-G is the accesskey for the "Go" button and you don't get a chance to
type in the O, as soon as you type Alt-G you are sent to the search

if the Articles search box is empty, you end up at
http://evolt.org/category/index.html?tid=   which is effectively the evolt
home page, so good thinking on somebody's part (jeff?) for that default

if i were crabby i would complain about evolt hijacking my browser's menu
functions like that

but i'm not

still, shouldn't accesskeys be selected so as not to interfere with browser
keys?  i realize this may not be possible and that all the good letters
will be taken...

and shouldn't they be marked? (the "Go" button isn't, the Articles search
box is)

<sigh />


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