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Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Thu May 24 22:13:00 CDT 2001

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> Hey Matt.....
> I like your suggestion .. my only concern would be .. is there
> enough room to show all 15 comments on the side bar? 

You're mixing things up. This is the box which shows the *number* of
comments. The "Most Commented On Articles" box.

> and if not, which I don't think
> there will be, can the "MORE" lead to a more useful page, i.e. one
> sorted chronologically .. it isn't at the moment.

FYI, I added logic to that when I took that box from an admin box to
a general user box to only show the "more..." link to admins.

> My suggestion ..... on the side bar, show the latest 5 comments ..
> within MORE, show the additional 10 .... then a link to the form
> for searching for a comment.

5 comments are shown in that box. Like I said, this isn't the box I'm
talking about. The more link is for admins only and the search form
is not a finished product.

> (*please don't shoot me* <G>)

I was gonna make some witty comment like "Bah, I'm a bad aim
anyways", but it would be a lie.

your sniper,

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