[thesite] themes milestone plan?

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Mon May 28 14:42:03 CDT 2001

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> Do we tell members before or after we have
> a fully working app (based on Josh's) to

Um, not so fast. Has Josh said this is okay? I mean, it *is* his app
and I don't think he designed it for the purpose you're proposing.
Let's not commit anyone to something they haven't agreed to do. And I
really do hope that he doesn't accept this task becuase anyone has
pushed it on him. That would be a Bad Thing(tm).

> enable members to save their own schemes,

Not yet, I'd say.

> or pick one from a library?

Yes, but do it right. I mean, write it so that we won't have to
change anything but *how* the schemes are put into the database. IOW,
when the style from the library is chosen, it just creates the
schemelements associated to that user (um, I hope I said that right.
I haven't looked over this part of the schema yet).

> Before might be cool, with the appropriate
> caveats, to enable people to have a play as
> we've been doing. Kind of a public beta...

You mean like we do with thesite at lists.evolt.org?   ;-)

> Where would the best place be to announce the
> beta? We've used thechat before...

Beta of what? Choosing the styles from the library?

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