[thesite] themes milestone plan?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon May 28 15:07:58 CDT 2001

> when the style from the library is chosen, it just creates the
> schemelements associated to that user (um, I hope I said
> that right. I haven't looked over this part of the schema yet).

yeah, there are some tables just sitting there waiting to be used

to be honest, i haven't looked at them in a while either

> Rudy/jeff/etc, do you think it would be a bad thing to have a
> user in the database for each default site scheme? If so,
> what do you propose we handle default schemes? Surely
> not hard-coded or redirecting to a weodefault.css file, I hope.

this sort of came up recently when we decided to delete the user with

not exactly sure where the defaults should go, and whether to tie them to a
"default" user or not, but you're right, no way we want them hardcoded

the original concept was that a user would be able to save a unique scheme,
and then other users would be able to pick this scheme, subject to PRIV
constraints, either to use just for viewing (so the scheme id would have to
be saved in the cookie) or to use as a basis for designing a new one...

if i could only get out from under this pile of backlogged work i have, i'd
give it some more thought and design something more comprehensive for the

i have no problem responding to specific questions, though, so if anybody
has further ideas or input on this subject, please, fire away...


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