[thesite] themes milestone plan?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon May 28 17:39:04 CDT 2001


yeah, or <sigh /> if you prefer

<grin />

>What I meant to say is that I would have throught there would be a
>SCHEMEID in USER and not a USERID in SCHEME. I mean, how's we
>supposed to know which SCHEME to use? It's obviously a 1-M between
>USER and SCHEME respectively.

well, if it's USER---1-M---SCHEME, then the foreign key sits in the SCHEME
and points to the USER, right?

which default scheme to use?  the one in the cookie

okay, i guess a SEQ column in the SCHEME table would be appropriate
if the cookie is lost?

also, regarding the question of default users, and without looking up the
archive where we discussed this when we ditched the USERID=0 user, one good
option is to set SCHEME.USERID to null for default schemes



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