[thesite] themes

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue May 29 20:16:15 CDT 2001

dormouse emerges from her teapot...

>  >> 2 more, both with a kind of chinese flavour:
>>>  http://members.evolt.org/martin/schemes/crouchingtiger.html
>  >> http://members.evolt.org/martin/schemes/hiddendragon.html
>  >
>>i don't see them as chinese, but they are adequately bright...
>Light, fresh Chinese... with a bit of plum sauce.

I don't know what Chinese restaurants look like in Scotland, but in 
the US they involve a lot of bright red and metallic gold... maybe 
green and black with white/grey highlights... and yes brown and beige.

I like the "hidden dragon" theme but would hit the red a little 
harder.  You need real red. BIG red. Red with "huevos". #FF0000 kind 
of red.  Big swaths of it.

I bought a fung shui mirror at an Asian grocery a couple of days ago. 
It has bright red, bright green (web greens suck but I'd venture 
somewhere between #00CC66  and #00FF00) and gold I believe for the 
bagua trigrams.

Martin: I like gingerjade the most: it is my favorite of all. 
Deepwater is good and the various sand ones are not bad either.

I'd like to see papersun with a #FFFFCC on the left hand side... and 
some kind of background that isn't white.  And we can call it 

>  >as a counterpoint, did you ever see my Stealth style?
>Everything stealthy except the evolt.borg branding

I suppose the point of this is you don't need one of those monitor 
screens; with "stealth" no one can see what's on your screen 
(including you).

(I'm on a mac if that makes a diff)

>One more - starting to think a bit African:

I like this one quite a bit, also.  Latte, too.  But I'm resisting 
the coffee designs 'cause I hate Starbuck's & miss the day when 
Starbuck was just the Melville character riding a ship into hell.

>Can't *quite* get the vibrancy of colours I want in an RGB
>colourspace, but getting there.

my overall comment on all these evolt builds is they are too timid. 
Are they any chicks involved with this?  If not, why not?  I think 
there are different color sensibilities between genders.

Apologies for coming in at the middle of everything... have been way 
behind on thesite email and guess I was ignoring as the database 
stuff that is usually discussed is geek... oops I mean "greek" to me, 
but the colors and design are of great interest and inspire me to 
butt in quite obnoxiously.

Who's developing themes and how did that get decided?  Was it just 
something thesite people jumped into at random?  Or did individuals 
get asked?

ever on the fringe,



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