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Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed May 30 17:29:48 CDT 2001

>Erika Meyer wrote on 30/5/01

30 May 01...

>  >I might like to try a couple in the next couple of days if/when I can
>>scare up a spare hour or three.  How the hell are we going to cull

sez Martin on the same midsummers eve:

>Why do we need to cull them? (except my Paper Sun one until I
>tweak the colour so it looks the same on a CRT as I see it now
>on an LCD screen)

I don't know... I don't know anything about the behind-the-scenes 
database hocus pocus... so the authors do their own culling..? So I 
could offer the "Erika Collection" and you the "Martin Collection" 
(how about "MB" -- that sounds nice and slick--evokes 'megabyte') and 
people just page thru till they find one that suits them?

Hey, can we get Zeldman to do one?

sorry, was just asking.  I'd actually love to take one of his funky 
backgrounds & work from it...

& maybe I will, dammit.


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