[thesite] Fw: Someone is talking...

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed May 30 17:57:23 CDT 2001

Damn, I gotta pay more attention ...

That query kicks ass ... the description is key.

I kinda like what you wrote, "Discussion-Evoking Articles"   or even add
"Recent D...." to it.

My brain is fried..I dunno.

Knowing what it really is a display of, I don't have a problem with your
original title.

Rudy, whatcha think?

Matt, smack us a little harder when we need to look at t.e.o. and provide
comments before its live... personally, I got lost in the maze of stuff
going on.  Sorry again.

(*someone broke the space bar ... and it wasn't me this time*)

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From: "Warden, Matt" <mwarden at odyssey-design.com>
| Ok, let's just refresh what the query is. It's not the most
| recently-commented articles. It's the most recently-commented
| articles with over (i think it's 13) 13 comments (hence the "hot").
| We're directing people to discussion-evoking articles. That's the
| point. My change was in the thought of old news isn't as
| discussion-evoking as new news. So, like the evoltageddon article
| isn't gonna promote as much discussion as another article which is
| more appropriate for the now.
| So, "latest articles commented upon" isn't the most accurate. Yes, I
| spent some time on the name too. That's the best I could come up with
| on my own.

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