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Judith Taylor judi at frognet.net
Thu May 31 12:07:50 CDT 2001

Bad news Dan, my server (with my files of course) is down with a bum 
motherboard. I'm waiting for the new one to arrive. Other than that...it's 
going OK...but I have to agree with Dave Watts about how Fusebox adds a 
level of complexity to the process of coding. Some of the parts are going 
fairly quickly, others I feel like a blind person in a maze. :oP

Umm, what 'stuff' have you seen?


Daniel J. Cody put into words:
>judith -
>hows that stuff going?? i've seen some of the stuff you've been doing on
>t.e.o and it looks good from what i've seen :) nice work!
>i'm just wondering cus i've had another guy ask if we're distributing
>the code or not..
>thnx! :)

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