[thesite] anyone to test something?

Ron White ronwhite at members.evolt.org
Thu May 31 17:06:07 CDT 2001

Also if I'm supposed to use my m.e.o address as the username it don't fit:
ronwhite at members.evolt.or was all I could get in...

Ron White 

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heya.. if anyone has a minute, could you run by 


and fill it out using your w.e.o username and password? in the comments
field just put 'test' or something so I know its not a real application.

hopefully this will replace the current form. it draws off the main DB
for its info now so i don't have to check that people are evolt users
first.. lemme know if any of the wording or anything is confusing or you
have suggestions..

rudy, i was thinking about the possibility of putting themember column
or something like that in the users field that would check people off
who've become evolt members through m.e.o - would that be fly with you?


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