[thesite] anyone to test something?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu May 31 17:27:52 CDT 2001

Judith Taylor wrote:
> Is there any reason why you have it going to the page about reading the
> terms of service *after* submitting the acct request?

umm. no :) I'll change that to something more relevant
> Or are you setting a var that gets carried over to the newsignup.cfm page
> and passed through?

actually on the 'real' page - and this one once its done testing - I
have a <cfif on there that checks to make sure the referer was the page
before or the current page so people can't skip the TOS

thanks for trying it out though, everything is working well so far :)

> Daniel J. Cody put into words:
> >   http://members.evolt.org/newsignup.cfm
> >
> >   and fill it out using your w.e.o username and password? in the comments
> >   field just put 'test' or something so I know its not a real application.

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