[thesite] anyone to test something?

Judith Taylor judi at frognet.net
Thu May 31 17:58:13 CDT 2001

Or, here's another thought...go ahead and set a var on the TOS page, pass 
it through and check for its existence..if it doesn't exist, throw them to 
the TOS page *then* let them get to the application....or something like 
that. :o)


Joshua OIson put into words:
>Hmmm, or maybe just forget checking referrer at all.  On the TOS page, just
>encrypt the date, send it in the URL or via a form field, then decrypt it on
>the next page.  If the date is okay and is today, then you know where they
>came from, otherwise redirect them back to the TOS page.  If you just use
>the referrer, some people may NEVER get through.

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