[thesite] anyone to test something?

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Thu May 31 18:10:33 CDT 2001

?  We are only talking about the server's timezone.

The point is not that the date specifically be encoded, the point is to
encode or pass something that is not likely to be "thought" of.  The date
was convenient because it changes, so bookmarks will "expire".

Anyways, Dan's point makes sense.  If they want to break the system, so be
it, since it's not going to break anything important.  The idea is to keep
honest people honest.

However, if the TOS is to be legally binding, then we'd want to be *very*
sure they read it.


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: Yeah, but I wouldn't want to rely on the date....timezone differences get
: really screwy with half the world being in tomorrow already. ;o)
: Judith

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