[thesite] Fw: Someone is talking...

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu May 31 18:40:53 CDT 2001

well, i've had a look at the code (thanks dan) and it's not as simple as
adding a DISTINCT, there's already a DISTINCT in there

there are actually *two* queries, one pulls out the author of the article
and sends an email, and the other pulls out the distiinct people who
commented, and sends them an email (they should really be two differently
worded emails, but they look identical)

the two queries could be combined into one using a UNION, which would be
more efficient to boot, but you know what?  i'm not gonna touch it, because
i have way too much experience in the school of hard knocks

i know if i touch these queries then something in the code around them is
bound to break...  sorry to be a such wuss, but it's an old rule of thumb
in programming -- you weight the benefit of fixing something against the
inevitable pain of breaking something unrelated

so authors who also comment on their own articles are just gonna have to
keep putting up with getting two "someone is talking" emails...


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