[thesite] Fw: Someone is talking...

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu May 31 20:11:39 CDT 2001

>Just throwing that out there. I dont really know how much of a
>performance hit that entails and a big part of me assumes that if
>this was a good idea, the SQLGod(tm) would have mentioned it.

hi matt

okay, that's enough, a little flattery is nice but let's not get carried
away, eh?

i did mention a UNION as the best way to simplify things

the first query grabs the author, the second query grabs the DISTINCT
commenters, and UNION  (note: not UNION ALL) takes care of removing the
doubles where the author is also a commenter

>So, this is just in case. Word on the street is he had quite a few
>beers last night.

yes, i did

a buddy from the WD list here in toronto joined us in our weekly game of
frisbee golf -- he got a hole in one on 11, but i beat him by six strokes,
i was nine under for the back nine   =o)


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