Propoganda FAQ.... was ..... Re: [thesite] priv levels (was: voting application)

Michele Foster michele at
Thu Nov 1 18:20:44 CST 2001

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From: "Daniel J. Cody" <djc at>
| spinhead wrote:
| > loudly that logging in (or eventually, being at a different level?) will
| > you a different view. I may just be ignerrunt but I looked at the site
| > months before it ever occurred to me to log in, and voila! new cool
| true dat. this would make a cool article for the FAQ section on the site
| maybe. we need a minister of propoganda :)

Such as:

A Road Map to ?
How to Use ?

other ides?

Am I on the same wave length ?  (I've got a lot of draft documentation
written by various people already, that could be pulled together.)

Will have to be a Working Document, i.e. many things in the works now will
change this document (UEUE, Voting App., f.e.o., etc.).

Can one document display different data based on a User's Priv Level?  Just
asking, not sure we'd want to do this.


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