[thesite] Priv Levels, Voting App. and UEUE

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Nov 3 18:52:50 CST 2001

Michele Foster wrote on 1/11/01 12:31 am

>Simon should have God privs on this app .. he wrote it and he maintains it
>One day, others may volunteer to help ease the load and to administer
>certain groups (DMOZ style), and these individuals would have Admin privs.
>Matt should have (and does?) God privs on this app.
>Not sure who is going to help Admin the application, i.e. review/approve
>articles.  If it will in fact be the same members that review/approve
>articles on w.e.o. or not.  I don't see that it has to be the same.
>Gets even more complicated .. as there's an extra Priv level in there that
>doesn't exist on w.e.o.  The Priv levels for a.e.o. are User, God,
>Developer.  The User's on a.e.o. are (at this time) hand-selected and do
>include all of Admin plus several theSite members who participate in various
>projects for evolt.  I have "God" Privs on a.e.o. but no where else.
>Actually, there is a fourth Priv Level implied on a.e.o. that being "Admin"
>which allows Admins to answer emails (however, I'm not sure there is a coded
>restriction in place there.)

Sounds like (and tell me if you're wrong) what you mean is
having a role-based priv system, not a hierarchy.

Sounds sensible to me, on all kinds of levels.


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