[thesite] UEUE v.0.2 Update

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 5 11:04:02 CST 2001

why isn't it attractive to you?

m.e.o really doesn't need to participate in ueue as it doesn't offer 
anything that would need a persons credentials for..

there are really only 3 pages on m.e.o that people ever see, two of them 
are 'rules' pages and the last one is a input your username and password 
here page. it might be a bonus for people signing up for m.e.o accounts 
to have those auto-filled, but its not critical


.jeff wrote:

> i think the only way you're going to get around this problem is to either
> kill the cookie entirely when the request is made to a user account or to
> not have m.e.o. participate in ueue at all.  i don't know how possible the
> former is.  the latter isn't a very attractive solution at all in my
> opinion.

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