[thesite] user selectable style help

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 5 12:16:05 CST 2001

on test.evolt.org there is now the functionality to choose a default 
stylesheet(or 'theme') to view evolt in. before we push this feature to 
the live site, does anyone with CSS/HTML skillz have time to run though 
the stylesheets and make sure they're comparable to our main one?( 
http://evolt.org/evolt/isaac.css )

they're :
afistapart.css  evoltoldschool.css  granite.css  latte.css
easter.css      fresh_tchai.css     isaac.css    mocchatchaino.css

all found at http://test.evolt.org/evolt/style/stylename.css

once thats done, i think we can push the current t.e.o site - most of 
which was done at the last codefest - to live. unless anyone has 
outstanding issues or problems?

jeff, was that you that finished up the stylesheets stuff? if so, thanks!


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