[thesite] user selectable style help

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Nov 6 14:17:23 CST 2001

>if no one else jumps up to change and validate these stylesheets,
>particularly the person who did it, i think michele or whoever
>volunteers their time to do so should change them

+1    on general principles

it's hard enough getting people to volunteer, let's make sure we don't
burden them with too much stifling bureaucracy...

> maybe i'm missing something, but they're only going to be allowed
> to change the stylesheet values we have decided on - which are
> pulled from a pre-defined list in the DB - right?

the pre-defined list was the original concept for the ELEMENT table (see

each thingie (a dom object like BODY or TD), plus each id or class that we
needed (e.g.  #main or .sidebar or whatever) would be an ELEMENT in the
style sheet, and user-defined values for these elements would be stored in
SCHEMELEMENT and the collection of values would form a SCHEME

aardvark and i came up with the concept over beer at the Keg in toronto

but i think somebody built an interface that manipulated the style sheet as
text and saved the text as a .css external file

>  can someone else weigh in here and tell me if i'm making any sense at

wish i could help, but i stopped following the continuing saga of
user-definable style sheets when i learned that the database was not going
to be used and they were going to be manipulated as external text files

if that sounds catty, i'm sorry, it is not intended to be

i do appreciate that it is easier to build a non-database application and i
also appreciate that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush so if a
non-database solution exists, i got no problems going alng with it

does that help?


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