back to the *point* WAS: Re: [thesite] UEUE v.0.2 Update

Daniel J. Cody djc at
Wed Nov 7 22:42:11 CST 2001

this is just me an limited understanding of j2ee and .net, but wouldn't 
we need to have these technologies in place to use them?

if i'm wrong, ok, but one more thought :) the purpose of what we're 
trying to do here is to make it language agnostic. if we have a subsite 
in jsp, it can talk to our user DB. same with asp, cf, php, perl, 
python, whatever - we don't need to rely on any one language to develop 
evolt sites while assuring they're able to hook into the 'collective' :)

again, i may not have a grasp of the technologies here, just lemme know 
if not


.jeff wrote:

>>J2EE and .NET are going to rely on server-to-server
>>communication to facilitate the authentication...
> i really like the sound of this approach.  this serves to remove the

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