J2EE Digression... WAS: Re: [thesite] UEUE v.0.2 Update

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 8 10:25:16 CST 2001


> From: Mark Nickel
> > this is just me an limited understanding of j2ee and
> > .net, but wouldn't we need to have these technologies
> > in place to use them?
> Yes you would.  Throw out the Coldfusion/PHP/Perl and
> embrace Java Server Pages/Servlets/and EJB's.

nope, not at all.  the logic for the application is simple enough it can be
developed in whatever language is most comfortable to the person writing it.
the language each subsite uses would be completely irrelevant so long as
they can communicate server-to-server and create/parse xml packets.

> If you still want the authentication server-to-server,
> then you need an XML-RPC architecture.  This doesn't
> solve the problems of Global user sessions.... :)

but it can.  see my response to dan in the original thread.

> I'm pretty sure that's essentially how the J2EE works..
> To the best of my knowledge, anyway......  <sarcasm>
> n e 1 want to change from CF to Java??? </sarcasm>

sarcasm noted.  *grin*

no platform change is necessary.  in fact, it's better if we don't change
platforms for this.  in the end it will be more secure if ueue is more of a
blackbox -- input information and get information back out with no idea how
it does it.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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