[thesite] [bug] t.e.o styles..

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 12 12:37:54 CST 2001

.jeff wrote:

>>why not just send me a note, "Dan, heres what could be
>>done better"?
> precedent.  we've never really done it that way.  practically since the
> beginning i've gone in and made performance enhancements where i've seen the
> need.  why should i do it any different now?  

because the more you do this 'behind the scenes updates/whatever', the 
less other people trying to work on this site understand how things work.

a couple weeks ago we were talking about who would be comfortable 
working on the CF code for evolt. i'm not anymore because of the behind 
the scenes stuff you're doing and not telling anyone about or 
documenting anywhere but your own head.

> to me though, didn't you already thank me for stepping in and working on it?
> http://lists.evolt.org/thesitearchive/2001-November/1564130.html

yes, i thanked you for finishing it up? does that make it ok that you 
pretty much changed the way i wrote it? i didnt even know it was done 
because you ddint say anything. my thanks was for what i thought was 
finishing my code. *not* for changing it and then not checking to see it 
worked 100%

> it's like anything, we need to test to find bugs.  i can't be expected to
> find *every* possible one.  that's why we have a staging site to begin with.

fuck *that*. if you're in there changing code, you can at least do minor 
bug testing, like logging out and back in. this isn't the 'jeff writes 
code and everyone else does QA' show.

> if you find something, know what the problem is, and have time to fix it
> then take care of it yourself.  if not, send a notice to me via thesite list
> and i'll address it if i have time.  however, *don't* complain because i try
> to help.  that's not too much to ask is it?

ya, it is. i'm not the bad guy here because i'm complaining about you 
making changes to what i did without telling anyone. i'm *not* 
complaining about you trying to help, so don't spin it that way.

seriously, if you can't be bothered to simply let people who are also 
trying to work with you on this know what you're doing, don't bother 
working on it at all.

> i don't want to upset anybody by reporting back that i fixed some code i
> thought was causing performance issues, could be written smoother, was just
> straight up sloppy, or whatever.  however, my urge to make the site perform
> to its maximum outweighs this.  it's not like i'm trying to hide anything.
> if anybody asks, i'm more than happy to talk about changes.  i'm just not
> going to make it a point to go into detail about every little nuance that
> was altered.

common, we're all big kids here... no one has a problem with hearing 
better ways to do things or your urge to make things better. 
people(myself being #1 probably and most vocal) have a problem with you 
changing code they may have written and not telling them about it.

thats the problem.


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