[thesite] Additions to default CSS file

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 13 16:19:23 CST 2001

>From: "rudy" <r937 at interlog.com>
> >... i'm resisting classing every element just to apply a style...
> > it feels like spaghetti, and it feels like we're now embedding
> > our style in our markup
> +1
> this might make a good article

keep talking... i'm running low on article ideas right now...

sort of an exploration of how classing *everything* isn't true 
separation?  or something else?

> adding a class to every html element is fuggly -- i cannot
> pedantically claim that this intellectually lazy practice does not
> separate style from content, because it does, according to the letter
> of the law, but it's still fuggly, and breaks the spirit...
> i'd rather see a style sheet with styles declared for the html
> elements themselves than for every tom dick and harry class that the
> author feels needs a different treatment

i completely agree...

but we didn't build the site that way...

*however*, some of the classing is pretty specific, actually implying 
some relationship between elements aside from just classing 
them... for instance, all the links in the sidebar are classed as 
'sidebar'... whether or not that's good or bad is up to you...

anyway, that's completely bizarre rambling that doesn't help this 
thread, so feel free to hit delete...

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