[thesite] Rating Articles .. Whatcha think ?

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Thu Nov 15 17:05:15 CST 2001

+1 on the scale

re: what most folks will do, "Never give up, never surrender." We need to
convince readers that honest feedback = improved quality = greater value to
THEM and the whole community.

If the uninitiated don't know how to rate an article, perhaps some unbaised
pointers on critical analysis? The feedback loop is critical to the
improvement process. I've too much of 'smiles to my face and smirks behind
my back' to take superficial feedback at face value.


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> perhaps in view of matt's comment, we could consider
>      1 (bad)    2 (poor)    3 (good)    4 (excellent)    5(outstanding)
> i still think people are going to rate average articles with a 4 -- it's
> only human nature
> rudy

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