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| > I don't think I'm seeing what it properly .. how come "Author" is so far
| > away ?  Looks like a word "lost" ?  I'm not sure we need "Author
| > at all.  At
| > 640 x 480, it looks really poor .. the text is way too narrow.
| that is courtesy of jeff or adrian's styling. you probably missed the
| original which was a fairly accurate representation of this:
| http://www.anarchitect.net/isaac/evolt/author2.gif
| we may be better off dumping the author column. as you suggest, it's
| obvious anyway.
| > I'd suggest eliminating "Total Ratings Received" .. I'm not sure
| > it has any value .. and there are just too many words there, IMHO.
| i think that's been added by jeff.
| > The cubes are lost and alone at the bottom .. plus why have the cubes
| > the words indicating number of articles written?  We don't need both ..
| > we've already decided on the cubes.  I think we're getting too granular
| > here.
| because the cubes are not an immediately obvious representation of
| written, *and* i'd hope that the cubes gain wider use in the future (i.e.,
| to represent overall involvement in various things besides just articles).
| currently, they're our indicator of committment to evolt.org. take a
| longtime contributor writing their first article, and they'll look wimpy.
| iconically, i think they're cool. just currently limited.
| anyway, for now they could be shifted to next to the username. also, i
| that the username here should be optionally (or by default) changed to
| name. i want to show my full name there but can i edit my username?
| btw, when i click "edit account", the form is blank instead of prefilled
| with my existing data. is that just a TEO thing? or because i've only
| it in on WEO and not TEO?
| also btw, the visited link status in that box is invisible (i'm using
| mccreath's slate theme). do we need to class those links with .side?
| > Email/MemberPage - I'd prefer to link only to the Author name (as it is
| > now).  The author's email is on the member page, unless they asked that
| > be hidden.  No reason to link to it separately.
| i think there is a reason to link to it separately and directly. saves a
| click. encourages interaction between members/readers. the existing format
| was "author info" with no indication (bar assumption) that the author info
| also included an email address.
| isaac
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