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Sorry, I'm tired .. I really did not mean to hit send. ;)

Comments below.

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From: "isaac" <isaac at members.evolt.org>

| that is courtesy of jeff or adrian's styling. you probably missed the
| original which was a fairly accurate representation of this:
| http://www.anarchitect.net/isaac/evolt/author2.gif
| we may be better off dumping the author column. as you suggest, it's
| obvious anyway.

Yeah, I think so .. and yeah, I hadn't seen your original.  Let's just
eliminate that extra column.


| > The cubes are lost and alone at the bottom .. plus why have the cubes
| > the words indicating number of articles written?  We don't need both ..
| > we've already decided on the cubes.  I think we're getting too granular
| > here.
| because the cubes are not an immediately obvious representation of
| written, *and* i'd hope that the cubes gain wider use in the future (i.e.,
| to represent overall involvement in various things besides just articles).

Not sure I agree .. but its not important now.  :)

| currently, they're our indicator of committment to evolt.org. take a
| longtime contributor writing their first article, and they'll look wimpy.
| iconically, i think they're cool. just currently limited.

No where do they suggest the sole indication of a contributor's committment
to evolt. .. but again, let's not debate this now.  :)

| anyway, for now they could be shifted to next to the username.

Yeah +1

btw, your version has [?] what's that for ?

also, i think
| that the username here should be optionally (or by default) changed to
| name. i want to show my full name there but can i edit my username?

See my message on theforum that specifically discusses problems with the
existing data we have .. however, technically it could be an if realname
exists display otherwise don't.  However, it's not that simple I don't

| btw, when i click "edit account", the form is blank instead of prefilled
| with my existing data. is that just a TEO thing? or because i've only
| it in on WEO and not TEO?

Yeah, probably .. though, Dan would know for sure.  Did you edit it
recently?  I thought Dan updated the table data from weo to teo at CodeFest,
but that may have only been the article, etc. data.  There are two unique
databases used for each, so it's common for teo to be out of date,

| also btw, the visited link status in that box is invisible (i'm using
| mccreath's slate theme). do we need to class those links with .side?

I'll fix that when I get to editing the CSS files this weekend.

| > Email/MemberPage - I'd prefer to link only to the Author name (as it is
| > now).  The author's email is on the member page, unless they asked that
| > be hidden.  No reason to link to it separately.
| i think there is a reason to link to it separately and directly. saves a
| click. encourages interaction between members/readers. the existing format
| was "author info" with no indication (bar assumption) that the author info
| also included an email address.

Well, keep in mind that some users request that their email be hidden ..
which means it won't always be able to be displayed .. just as long as that
doesn't mess us the design, nor raise any consistency issues.  I still think
its unnecessary .. my opinion only of course.  :)

(*falling asleep .. sorry if this is jumbled*)

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