[thesite] [bug] t.e.o. - Other Articles Written by this Author

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Nov 16 14:31:39 CST 2001

>rudy, you got any ideas about this?

i could fib and say that i only saw this because i set up a filter on my
name, but in fact i have been reading everything that's been whizzing by
here the last day or so...

... but not following much of it

for what it's worth, i don't like the author's pic and article stats
available in the article, simply because it's not relevant to the
article -- all that stuff should be available on the author's page, which
you get to by clicking on the name or userid link, just like we have now

<a href="foo">firstname lastname (userid)</a>  is fine, though, i mean the
addition of the real name on the article byline

cubes are (still) good

as for the question, which i think was prompted by michele's comments about
wanting credit for her faq articles, what was the question?  does it have
to do with how to query the categories?

sorry if i'm not on top of it, but there's been a shitload of testing of
new features in the last day or so, and i thought i'd just wait until the
results were presented to a larger group like theforum for evaluation...


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