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Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Fri Nov 16 15:00:45 CST 2001

On Nov 16, Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com had something to say about RE:...

>| So, the reason there's no cookie value with the next request would be
>| because you've just set it to an empty string during the last request.
>I disagree, the CF cookies construct is server only. It would be like
>passing form data to the server and mangling it server-side. The browser
>doesn't know anything about the data since HTTP hasn't done a round-trip.


How is that construct... er... constructed? From the cookies sent by the
client, right? If those cookies don't change, then each request will have
the same cookie collection.

or am I missing something?

>To delete a cookie from the browser you need the following:
>[per CF documentation]
><CFCOOKIE NAME="cookie_name"
>    VALUE="text"
>    EXPIRES="period"
>    SECURE="Yes/No"
>    PATH="urls"
>    DOMAIN=".domain">
>Required. The name of the cookie variable.
>Optional. The value assigned to the cookie variable.
>Optional. Schedules the expiration of a cookie variable. Can be specified as
>a date (as in, 10/09/97), number of days (as in, 10, 100), NOW, or NEVER.
>Using NOW effectively deletes the cookie from the client's browser.
>Do we still disagree?

Considering I don't see your point in the above documentation, yes.

I believe you're talking about removing a cookie from the browser. That's
not what you're doing. You're just deleting it's value.

Ok, maybe that's what is tripping you up. You're not technically
"deleting" anything. You're overwriting the value with an empty
string. But, basically, you're deleting the value.



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