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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sun Nov 18 03:52:21 CST 2001

.jeff wrote on 15/11/01 11:03 pm

>> From: Martin
>> I can't see a downside,
>the downside is there is *lots* of crap in the sidebar.  adding more serves
>only to confuse people more.  i wonder how much of the stuff there is used
>by our userbase.  i wonder what is not used at all.

As all the links in the sidebar have specific URLs (like the rating
ones have 'rating' instead of the coded sidebar) it's easy enough
to find out. Also, they serve a useful purpose in boosting us up
the Google rankings as they're counted as links in the Google
Pagerank algorithm.

>> although as the chief benefit is for people with the
>> priv to make comments (ie registered members), that's
>> where I'd go first off.
>i'd like to clarify.  do you mean logged in users (priv 1) or members (priv
>if it's priv >= 1, then +1 from me.

Logged in users (priv 1)


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