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Joshua Olson joshua at alphashop.net
Sun Nov 18 16:03:49 CST 2001

Rudy, Jeff,

Could the top-n query technique outlined in the article be used to calculate
the "page throughs" on the front page of evolt?

The pseudo-logic could be, assuming you want to view articles [article min]
to [article max]:

 select those articles in the top [article max] that are NOT in the top
[article min]


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: this uses the new RANK() function in oracle 8
: i admit, i have never used it before, but i ran across it in the following
: article which i found when searching for "top ten" resources --
:   Performing Top-N Queries in Oracle
: obviously, you may need to adjust WHERE contrank < 6 (which returns the
: five) to reflect however many random articles you want out of the subquery

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