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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 19 01:37:21 CST 2001

Madhu Menon wrote on 19/11/01 5:40 am

>>(perhaps this semantic blur results from the phrase "i could care less"
>>which is actually a good example of irony... or sarcasm... or something...)
>Um, no. The phrase "I could care less" is merely incorrect usage. The 
>correct form is "I *couldn't* care less".

Unless you're being ironic:
"I could care less. Just not a lot, that's all"
Source: My dad

>>the pic on the article makes us look like zdnet, webmonkey, et friggin
>I don't agree with you. It adds humanity to the site, and humanity is 
>sorely missing on the Web.

Absolutely. They didn't do it for fun, y'know. If you want to think about
how 'competition' do stuff, there's a useful rule:
* If one person is doing it, it's an experiment
* If two people are doing it, it's a bit of copycatting
* If 3 people are doing it consistently, it's working.

I'll put at least a pound (and my normal bet is 2p as you know)
on zdnet, wm etc having put a *lot* of time and money into
finding out whether humanising their contributors increases
visitors. If they're still doing it, it's because it's working.

We do have other points of similarity - some damned good
articles for one. Re-inventing the wheel's all very well,
but square is not a good direction


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