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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 19 01:59:25 CST 2001

Martin wrote on 19/11/01 7:42 am

>rudy wrote on 19/11/01 1:34 am
>>maybe it *is* serious enough to take at least to theforum 
>I think so, and should be for all significant changes in the
>user experience, *especially* where this group had the
>idea in the first place, so theforum as a body hasn't had the
>chance to think it through (even if individuals have by being

Of course, this doesn't mean that we're saying "We can't
decide, so it's over to you guys". 

It says "We think *this*. Can you confirm that we're not
talking shit, that this won't break anything we haven't
thought of and that we can all point back at this and say
'we *all* decided that', so no-one can give thesite a
kicking for it in the future if it all goes wrong"

In other words,
1) it removes 'us and them' mentalities
2) it gets a larger collective intelligence and experience
    thinking it through
3) it provides a blame shield for anyone working on it.


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