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At 03:14 AM 11/24/2001, Martin opined:
> >Maybe. But, like I said, people have been including this in the recipes.
>They sound a bit like tips - wee snippets that are useful in lots of

"How to peel garlic in 5 seconds" is a snippet, but other techniques can be 
rather large articles by themselves. Don't believe me? Buy "Jacques Pepin's 
Complete Techniques". It features over 1000 food preparation and cooking 
techniques  :)

It's redundant to include proper technique in every recipe.
Take a recipe for chicken sweet corn soup, for example. We could put in a 
recipe for chicken stock in every chicken soup recipe, but it's much easier 
to simply include a link that says "Related article: how to make excellent 
chicken stock at home".

I can write an 800 word article on the art of stir-frying. This would 
explain the importance of temperature, food size, timing, differences 
between stir-frying meat and vegetables, etc. That wouldn't fit into a 
stir-fry recipe.

Get what I'm saying?

But like Matt said, let the whole thing get done first :)
Matt, how exactly is the CMS for this different from the w.e.o CMS?


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