[thesite] Testers Please - CSS Changes

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Nov 28 20:29:28 CST 2001

Hey Folks ....

I need some browser & platform testers please.

Further to conversations Jeff and I were having wrt CSS files and links
within them, and class inheritances in this post,

I've created a sample page here.


Specifically, what I want to know is if the sidebar and top links (browsers
| lists, etc.) are the same, in font size, colour, etc. Or are the links not
styled correctly?

I've tested in IE 5.5, NS 6.1, Moz 0.93 and NS 4.7, all on PC, win98.

The only problem I've noticed is that NS 4.7 is displaying "red" as the
active state for the links in question, which really is no surprise.  :(

Anything else, please let us know .. even if its just to say "all is fine on
__ with __".



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