[thesite] UEUE -- Cleaning up with SOAP/XML-RPC

Jeremy Ashcraft ashcraft at 13monkeys.com
Thu Nov 29 00:43:18 CST 2001

On Wednesday 28 November 2001 19:00, Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com wrote:

> I am willing to produce some code for this, perl being so... uhh...
> [thinking about positive aspects]... widespread and easy to find
> high-powered examples to benefit from, and there probably being a SOAP
> library for it already.

I was going to hammer something out once all the details we set down (what's 
needed for authentication, what's the SOAP server giving us back, how to 
solve the JS cookie problem, etc), but there's now stopping you from doing 

> if the hint wasn't picked up... I'd like to use another language besides
> perl, if possible and desirable with thesite majority...

The cool thing with mod_perl is its integration directly into apache, so you 
can define a "Handler" script written in perl inside of httpd.conf and have 
all requests "filtered" through it.  Haven't heard of this type of 
functionality with any other lang.


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