[thesite] UEUE -- Cleaning up with SOAP/XML-RPC

Jeremy Ashcraft ashcraft at 13monkeys.com
Thu Nov 29 16:57:18 CST 2001

> So, we could filter on the JS code for cookies, then, too?

well, no.  JS will read the cookies resident in the bowser on the 
client-side.  All we could do to prevent this is expire the cookies.  
Filtering out JS in members code probably isn't a Good Thing.  This is the 
main sticking point for UEUE.  As .jeff points out, all roads point to this 
dead end right now.

How do we set a cookie available to all evolt subdomains except 

one idea: new domain for members' pages.  evoltians.org?  evolt-members.org?

but, the problem remains if we want other subdomains or sections to not see 
those cookies in the future.  damn...

> * Are the administration burdens too great?

Most definitely.  I imagine evolt wants to police member accounts as little 
as possible.  

> * Would members like Roberta put up with this?

I sure as hell wouldn't.  Who the hell is Dan Cody to say I can't play with 
cookies in my evolt member account!  ;-)  

> * Can filtering of the HTML actually be done from the server to the client?

To a certain extent, but in this case I imagine no.  Good ideas, so lets keep 
dicussing.  In the words of Master Qui Gon Jinn 

"Another solution will present itself"


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