[thesite] UEUE -- Cleaning up with SOAP/XML-RPC

Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com
Thu Nov 29 17:17:28 CST 2001

+| > So, we could filter on the JS code for cookies, then, too?
+| well, no.  JS will read the cookies resident in the bowser on the 
+| client-side.  All we could do to prevent this is expire the 
+| cookies.  
+| Filtering out JS in members code probably isn't a Good 
+| Thing.  This is the 
+| main sticking point for UEUE.  As .jeff points out, all 
+| roads point to this 
+| dead end right now.

Hold on...

What I am referring to is the following in a page:


document.cookies could be filtered out...

Unless that person registered the page -or- the priv level was sufficient.

+| one idea: new domain for members' pages.  evoltians.org?  
+| evolt-members.org?

I think someone had thrown a big exception to this a while ago. 8(

I empathize with the plight... "I have all my stuff rigged for m.e.o.... no
way am I changin' nothin!"

+| > * Are the administration burdens too great?
+| Most definitely.  I imagine evolt wants to police member 
+| accounts as little 
+| as possible.  

So, we are beginning to talk, I feel, about trust levels... if it was a
trusted member, it is easy to say, "Yea, dude, like what ever spins your
buttons." OTOH, less trust means less access... like filtering of JS cookie
access code. This is a common situation, I am beginning to see.

+| > * Would members like Roberta put up with this?
+| I sure as hell wouldn't.  Who the hell is Dan Cody to say I 
+| can't play with 
+| cookies in my evolt member account!  ;-)  

Good point, I've never met the dude, either! 8)

However, the evolt community could have trust levels and privileges, like
above mentioned. Since we are becoming more complex in the authentication,
it is natural for the guidelines of community to thereby complexify. [duck
object thrown from reaction to poor english]

+| > * Can filtering of the HTML actually be done from the 
+| server to the client?
+| To a certain extent, but in this case I imagine no.  Good 
+| ideas, so lets keep 
+| dicussing.  In the words of Master Qui Gon Jinn 
+| "Another solution will present itself"

Thanks for the positive thinking... power of mind prevails persistently.

Could you explain why not in more detail?

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them"
Albert Einstein

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