[thesite] CodeFest 2001 participant bios

Bruce Heerssen bruce at heerssen.com
Wed Oct 10 22:13:29 CDT 2001

Isaac Forman wrote:

> If anyone hoping to join in via IRC can throw me some info, I'll include
> that too. Specifically, that currently includes: Rudy, Jeff, Bruce H,
> Shirley K, and Kristina.

DOB: Dec 15, 1969
Occupation: internet applications engineer (sounds good, right?)
Employment Status: available and looking
Marital Status: available, but not looking very hard
Skill Set: ColdFusion, PHP (still learning), ASP (unfortunately), SQL, 
Favorite Activities: email, sailing, pool (billiards), chess (yahoo 
anyone? email me offlist), fscking up my computer so I can fix it, and 
beer drinking - not necessarily in that order
Political Stance: slightly left of Bill Maher, slightly right of Erika Meyer
Favorite Music: Electronica, punk rock, reggae, alternative & classic 
country, classical, bluegrass, and just about anything else that doesn't 
come with too much commercial endorsement (Faith Hill is right out)
Religious Belief: none, and don't get me started dammit

Anything else?


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