[thesite] data model diagram

r937 at interlog.com r937 at interlog.com
Fri Oct 12 22:30:31 CDT 2001

hola codefestians!

here's that updated diagram i promised

after extracting the evolttest.sql file from the sourceforge zip,
i fed it into ERwin -- no problem, it took it completely in stride

then i moved some of the tables around so that they were all 
laid out horizontally

then i did several screen grabs, carefully pasting each one into
microsoft paint (this was the tedious part, cause you gotta trim
the chrome, and overlay them very carefully)

then i saved the result (a half meg bmp file), opened it in fireworks, set
transparency, optimized the palette, and saved as a gif --


then i went back into ERwin, defined a couple of missing relationships,
coloured them, made a best guess as to the PKs of a couple of other tables,
and went through the whole screen grab process again, but this time, just
before saving the bmp, i noticed i had forgotten one relationship, so i
drew it in by hand


then i decided i didn't want to play with ERwin any more

instead, i'll wait until the weekend is over, and see what sort of table
changes we need to make, and repeat the process then

i'll be away from the computer until at least 3 p.m. saturday (2 p.m.
central time) playing football

if you have any questions, leave me a note, and i'll check my email before
heading out in the morning

have a beer on me, folks

or maybe buy me one -- i didn't get that job i interviewed for




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