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Michele Foster michele at
Tue Oct 16 21:07:23 CDT 2001

Hmmmm.. good question .. I went to look  ;)

Looks like to me the MemberId will be stored in the User table.  So each
user will only have one MemberId.  (The arrows don't show the link tho.)
Also, from the User Table the User Priv is set.  Anyone with a MemberId will
have a UserPriv of 2 ... instead of "1" which is what all users (except
Admin and God) have now.

So, it starts to make sense when you take into consideration that EACH
Attribute can be assigned viewing privs to the various types of
users/members.  For example, I might not want my Phone Number to be
displayed to anyone but Admin or higher privs.  So, that particular
attribute I'd indicate the Priv level, i.e. permission level, to view that

As far as multiple userid's goes, yes, someone with more than one UserID
could also create more than one Member Page (ID).  I'm not sure anyone would
want that tho.  As part of the ueue, we'll probably need to go through
UserID's and look for duplicates, and deal with them.  More of a "cleaning
up the data" exercise.



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| > have a userid.  The way I look at it is this, a member is someone
| > that wants to share additional information with other members, and be a
| bit
| > more a part of the Evolt community.
| OK, that finally makes sense to me.
| But is there a one-to-many r'ship between user and member? I think Rudy
| something about a user having multiple memberships, or the other way
| I don't really understand the need for that. Is the thinking that people
| have multiple logins to WEO?

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