[thesite] user selecteble stylesheets..

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Oct 17 19:45:15 CDT 2001

> erf. not your fault, sorry about the confusion.. seems you had a
> memberid, but no member record.(AKA dirty data)
> fixed now, give it another whirl when you have the time, make sure to
> try easter.css :)

ok, it worked this time.

glad our easter isn't like yours. jk.

hover in the topright nav is pretty hard to read (yellow on pastel pink -
what were you thinking? ;))

how come i have to go back via my edit membership page and update the
privacy of my setting before i get to change the styling?

i hope we can change that so that styling is set on a preferences page of
some sort. it really needs to be quite distinct form the general membership
profile stuff.

it does work though. i'm using mccreath's granite style and it's sticking
with me for a while.


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