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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Oct 22 02:59:52 CDT 2001

> how long do you suppose it'd take to build a bugfree php version
> of the cms with the exact same functionality?

This reminded me of:

Things You Should Never Do, Part I

"the single worst strategic mistake that any software company can make:
rewrite the code from scratch"

It's obviously a blanket statement, but perhaps still something to keep in

I don't want a rebuttal; I don't necessarily agree with it. Sometimes an
application (like Netscape 4) is so pathetic that it needs to be utterly

I can understand the theoretical benefit of "more developers" with another
language. But I wonder if a bunch of PHPers leave, and some ASPers arrive,
would we drop our PHP version of the site (alongside the CF version), and
recode it from scratch in ASP?

Is the demand for new features on WEO so huge that we need to reconsider our
application server (a pretty substantial decision)? I looked through the
unimplemented features left over from codefest that required CF, and it
didn't seem all that huge.

If we have a serious need for CF ability, have we specifically asked for
that help on thelist (I haven't seen it happen), or on thesite?

If we have a surplass of PHP volunteers, could we start by recoding
something like AEO or the voting application, etc?

If the issue is the cost of CF upgrades, have we asked Macromedia for a
donation or other support?


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