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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Sep 6 22:48:01 CDT 2001


I agree with this 100%.  It's actually an FAQ I've been thinking to write
for a while now .. just haven't decided what the best approach would be to
writing it.  When Isaac first brought up the new "Web Business" proposed
category, this is one of the suggestions I had to help "launch" the
category.  It was one of the problems that we noticed with the AnswerThis

Anyway, I've no problem writing up some definitions .. finding existing
ones, and pulling together the proposed content for this.  Unfortunately, it
will be mid next week, for my timetable.  Someone else is more than welcome
to do it if they want.

How would your proposed implementation work, i.e. a description on each
category page?  I was thinking an FAQ, but I like your idea better.


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| this brings to mind a need i've been seeing.  we need to have some
| intro/descriptive text for each category.  this text would then be
| at the top of every category listing of articles.  this would eliminate
| need to have an article in the category that explains the category (and
| which eventually falls off the first page and out of sight).

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