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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Sep 7 23:55:12 CDT 2001


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From: "Scott Dexter" <sgd at ti3.com>

| or have a herd of chickens with me.

Please leave the herd of chickens at home.   Else I'll be forced to bring a
herd of Moose .. or is that David .. perhaps I'll bring Buffalo .. nope,
that would be Adrian.  Damn, I'll bring theCats!!!


Keep me posted on the details .. if others are arriving earlier, I can too
... my ticket is transferable... woohoo!   (Sidenote:  Scott, Matt and I on
our own .. let's recode thesite in ASP ;) )


(This is sooo incredibly off-topic I should owe a tip.)

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