[thesite] RE: [Admin] CodeFest: Updated Files and LOTTD

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Sep 11 07:19:59 CDT 2001


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From: "isaac" <isaac at members.evolt.org>

| I have concerns that the user defined stylesheet features may sap
| development time which could be better directed at other features.

Noted - thanks.


| How will the shit-to-do-list proposed by Michele be prioritised in the
| leading up to the codefest?

Once we have a better idea of who is coming to CodeFest and what their
specific skill levels are, we'll be in a better position to determine which
tasks can be done.  We'll need to take into consideration how much time each
task will take, and who is capable and willing to work on that task.

Let's spend the next couple of weeks brainstorming various ideas, further
discussing the various options on the proposed LOTTD, then we'll work at
pulling together a master list.



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