[thesite] what's wrong with my site? which server is down?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Sep 14 12:30:39 CDT 2001

>> my isp doesn't take phone calls
>WTF?! --who runs your dns stuff for rudy.ca ? --fastdnsservers.com ?

i'm not sure any more!!

i thought i understood this stuff, but i realize now i'm really
hopeless at it

okay, number one is the domain name registrar

that's who -- shoot me if i'm wrong -- "runs [my] dns stuff"

far as i know, that's internic.ca

number two is my isp, where my site is hosted, where
my html pages come from

they are not the same, right?

i have since separately concluded that it is my isp
that is down

that's because http://r937.com, which is hosted by the
same isp (in fact they are exactly the same site!! 
i use cold fusion to tell me which domain the site visitor
is using) is also down

>nah, you've got the problem (dns is fux0red), 

see, that's the part i don't understand

why, if it's my web host that is down, am i getting
domain, i.e. dns errors???

i must be stupid


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